2. Contact us

In the process of using IoTDB, if you find any problems or have any new ideas, you can participate in the community building of IoTDB through the Apache mailing list, QQ group, and WeChat group.

Subscribe to the mailing list

Send subscription emails. Send an email to dev-subscribe@iotdb.apache.org using the email address you want to receive emails with, subject content Unlimited.
Confirm subscription email. After completing the previous step, you will receive a subscription confirmation email at the end of iotdb.apache.org. To confirm the subscription, send another email to this email with any subject matter.
At this point, you can receive and reply to emails through your subscribed mailbox, or view the archive Mail to keep track of previous mail conversations.

QQ Group

Apache IoTDB chat group: 659990460

WeChat Group

Add friends qinchuqing or tietouqiao and we will invite you to join the group.

WeChat: Apache IoTDB

Official account content: including IoTDB usage tutorials, source code analysis, practical cases, community activities, etc. Welcome to contribute!

How to follow: Search Apache-IoTDB on WeChat, or scan the QR code below to follow us.

Case Studies

If you are using IoTDB, you are welcome to share your experience using IoTDB in this survey. We look forward to your participation.

3. Contribution Guidelines
File a Jira issue

If you have any new features you would like IoTDB to support, improvements you would like IoTDB to improve, or if you find a bug, you are welcome to file an issue on Jira or Github.

●  Before submitting an issue, please check the issue list or do a simple search to make sure the issue is not a duplicate.
●  Create a new issue and choose your issue type.
●  Use a clear and descriptive title to define the issue.
●  Fill in the necessary information according to the template.
●  After submitting an issue, assign the appropriate label to the issue. Such as: Wish, Improvement, Bug, etc.
●  Please keep an eye on your own issues and provide further information in the discussion.

Email Discussion (English)

  If you are joining the mailing list for the first time, please briefly introduce yourself.
●  You can send an email to declare the task you want to do before developing the function.
●  Design Documentation Discussion.

Contribute documentation

All IoTDB official website content is in the docs in the project root directory:

●  docs/SystemDesign: System Design Documentation - English
●  docs/zh/SystemDesign: System Design Documentation - Chinese Version
●  docs/UserGuide: User Manual - English
●  docs/zh/UserGuide: User Manual - Chinese Version
●  docs/Community: Community - English
●  docs/en/Community: Community-Chinese
●  docs/Development: Development Guide - English
●  docs/en/Development: Development Guide - Chinese

The correspondence between the official website user manual version and branch:

●  latest -> master
●  major_version.x -> rel/major_version (eg 0.10.x -> rel/0.10)


●  Images in Markdown can be uploaded to thulab/iotdb#543 for url

Contribute Code

You can go to jira to get an existing issue or create an issue yourself and get it, comment that I can do this issue.

●  Fork a branch from the iotdb repository to your own repository to start work, clone it locally and set the upstream to the apache/iotdb repository.

●  Enter the root directory of iotdb, pull the latest master branch, and cut a new branch from master. The branch name is determined according to the function of this branch, generally called f_new_feature (such as f_storage_engine) or fix_bug (such as fix_query_cache_bug)

●  Add code style in idea as java-google-style.xmlin the root directory 

●  Modify the code and add test cases (unit test, integration test)

●  Integration test reference: server/src/test/java/org/apache/iotdb/db/integration/IoTDBTimeZoneIT
●  Submit PR, start with [IOTDB-jira number] or [ISSUE-github issue number]

●  Email to the dev mailing list: (I've submitted a PR for issue IOTDB-xxx [link])
●  Revised based on other people's review comments, continue to update until merged
●  Close jira or Github issue

Note: In order for your id to show up in the contributor list, don't forget to set the following:

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