Product Description

A lightweight version of IoTDB that runs on edge devices with low computing resources. Please contact us for more details.

Product Architecture

Please contact us for more details.


  • Smart application

    Supports time series data management and local intelligent applications of edge devices.

  • basic ability

    Provide basic time series data addition, deletion, modification and query and the ability to synchronize with the cloud side.

  • Low cost and high performance

    IoTDB supports tens of millions of points of write throughput and has a high compression ratio, which can greatly save server hardware costs.

  • Rich data processing methods

    Supports docking with data acquisition components PLC4X, stream processing system Flink, computing engine Spark, etc., and provides a complete open source software ecosystem such as "collection-storage-use".

  • low cost migration

    Compatible with multiple TSDB interfaces, including InfluxDB, Prometheus, KairosDB. lower cost.

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