Technical Subscription

We offer paid technical subscriptions for our customers who need timely and professional technical services.

The subscription services will provide the clients support, training, emergency assistance, consulting, online self-help and more. 

The specific contents include:

Service Content
Onsite Deployment and Training We offer a certain duration of onsite professional services in each payment cycle, including onsite installation, training, emergency assistance, software troubleshooting and other professional support, and software configuration consulting according to enterprise requirements.
Expert Advisory Service
Onsite Emergency Assistance
Software Upgrade Service Our clients have a priority pass for the software patches and our guidance for software version upgrades.
Online Self-Service We provide clients a support portal, which enables clients online access to downloading related documents, and timely push the latest software features, maintenance experience, usage skills, etc..
Remote Help Desk We provide remote work order and telephone support services to help customers locate software faults.
Guide to the latest Development Version We guide customers to the latest development version of the products.

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