Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Announced the Graduation of Apache IoTDB as an Apache Top Project

On September 23, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. EDT, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced the graduation of Apache IoTDB as an Apache Top Project.

Apache IoTDB is an open source IoT native database designed to meet the stringent requirements for data, storage and analysis for large-scale IoT and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT and IIoT) applications. The project was originally developed by the Big Data Systems software team at Tsinghua University and entered into donation to Apache in November 2018 for a 1-year, 10-month incubation period. The incubation process was carefully guided by four project mentors and 5124 emails from 78 contributors and 251 members from around the world, merged 1413 PRs, released nine versions, and passed the community graduation vote once with 17 votes in favor. On September 16, 2020, by a vote of the Apache Board of Directors, Apache IoTDB formally Promotion to Top Program. Official Graduation Statement: https://s.apache.org/3xv3c.

IoTDB as a high-performance lightweight open source IoT native database has become an important member of the Apache big data ecology, focusing on industrial IoT, with low storage costs, high-speed data writing (tens of millions of data points per second write, efficient chaotic data processing), fast query (terabytes of data per second query), full-featured (data additions and deletions, a wealth of aggregate functions), querying IoTDB has the features of integrated analysis (one data, meet real-time query and analysis and mining), edge-cloud collaboration and easy-to-use (standard JDBC interface and SQL-like query language). Benchmark tests show that IoTDB has better read/write performance than existing timing databases such as InfluxDB, TimescaleDB, OpenTSDB, KairosDB, and so on.

Apache IoTDB has been applied in dozens of organizations, including ArcelorMittal, Orient Guoxin, China Meteorological Administration, Hunan Zhongyi, Datang Xiangyi, Goldwind, Haier, Lenovo, Siwei Zhi Lian, Shanghai Metro, Changfei Optical Fiber, and others.

The Apache IoTDB open source project is a useful attempt by our team to develop software technology innovation and lead talent training for the needs of intelligent IoT big data applications," said Wang Jianmin, dean of the School of Software at Tsinghua University and head of the Big Data System Software Team at Tsinghua University.

"Apache IoTDB has become a top project at the right time", said C. Mohan, Fellow of the American Academy of Engineering and Chief Scientist of IBM India, "I am very excited that this is the first Apache open source project initiated by a Chinese university, and I have been working with the IoTDB researchers have worked closely together to see the project mature and form a vibrant open source software community. I look forward to working with relevant researchers in the community to collaboratively drive the project into an incredibly bright future."

"Apache IoTDB is a project initiated by a Chinese university and successfully incubated in the Apache community," said Mei Hong, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, upon hearing the news of the project's graduation, "It follows the Apache Way to establish a healthy and active international open source community, is a successful practice in building open source education and culture in China."

"Apache IoTDB is optimized for different operating environments, operating systems, and workloads on the edge and cloud side, innovates data storage and query analysis technologies, and is the core foundation software for the industrial Internet of Things," said Xiangke Liao, an academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering." In addition, through the Open source model, Apache IoTDB brings these innovative technologies to the world."

"Apache IoTDB is ideally suited to edge computing scenarios," said Dr. Julian Feinauer, CEO of Practical industries GmbH, Germany, "The performance metric of high compression ratio makes it possible to store The system can still be used efficiently despite the constraints.IoTDB is well suited for industrial IoT environments." "We tried and tested various solutions and finally chose IoTDB as our core database, which has high performance and is open to enterprises," said David Liu, architect at AutoAI Inc. "This project deeply attracted me to join the community and become a up one of the project maintainers of IoTDB."

Dr. Xiangdong Huang, VP of Apache IoTDB Project, Assistant Researcher at Tsinghua University School of Software, said: "Apache IoTDB is becoming a standard solution for IoT data management and analysis that will help more users and companies solve real-world problems. We invite more contributors to join us in contributing interesting, meaningful and powerful software to the world."

Apache IoTDB is the first Apache top-level project initiated and incubated by a Chinese university. Thanks to all the contributors in the community and users who gave us feedback on their needs and questions!


Official website: https://iotdb.apache.org/

Code Repository: https://github.com/apache/incubator-iotdb

Mailing list: dev@iotdb.apache.org

Welcome more users and developers to the IoTDB open source community!