Apache IoTDB

Open-source time series database at the Apache Software Foundation; available for free download and use on GitHub


Enterprise-grade product based on Apache IoTDB, offering enhanced performance, expanded features and customization

Timecho Workbench

Tool with GUI for managing TimechoDB connections, metadata, and data.

Embedded-Edge-Cloud Solution

Free Download from Apache or on GitHub

  • Developed Independently: innovative data files and distributed systems
  • Apache Top-Level Project: the only Top-Level project in ASF for time series databases.
  • Theory to Practice: 30+ patents in time series data management and has 10+ papers accepted at top-tier database conferences.
  • Wide Set of Deployment Scenarios: embedded, edge and cloud deployments; standalone and distributed modes.
  • Designed for IoT: optimized data models, storage engine and consensus protocols for IoT scenarios.
  • High-Performance Capabilities: proven track record of managing billions of time series, handling tens of millions of data points per second, and achieving 10:1 lossless compression ratio.

Easier and Faster

Professional, Comprehensive, and Support with SLAs

  • Flexible Data Collection: supports over 150 data acquisition protocols/device models and is compatible with third-party data acquisition modules.
  • Active-Active Architecture: achieves high availability and low resource utilization through a two-node setup, providing real-time hot backup.
  • System Monitoring: supports 134 monitoring metrics and allows flexible configuration of monitoring schemes with high availability.
  • HMI: industrial automation monitoring system with features such as screen/device configuration, animation effects, real-time alarms, and historical/real-time trends.
  • Diverse Views: allows users to assign different path names to the same time series, enabling different classifications and organizations of time series from various business perspectives.
  • Data Security: provides audit logs and system whitelisting functionality, enabling fast query of user behavior and visualized configuration modifications.
  • Stable Compatibility: certified by multiple mainstream CPUs, operating systems (OS), and other qualifications assessments.
  • Feature Comparison
    • Tag Management
    • Cluster Deployment
    • Data Replication
    • Data Consistency Configuration
    • Data Writing
    • Data Querying
    • Latest Value Querying
    • Scheduled Computational Tasks
    • Query Result Writing Back
    • Triggers
    • Visual Console
    • Audit Logs
    • Whitelisting
    • Active-Active Deployment
    • Incremental Backup
    • Write Count Statistics
    • Case Studies
    • Training

Designed for Apache IoTDB and TimechoDB

One-Stop Solution for Managing Time-Series Data

  • Data Connection: Configure server access, login credentials, and establish connections all in one place. It supports connections to multiple instances of TimechoDB.
  • Database Management: View data models, perform self-service queries, preview data, and manage permissions. It includes a built-in query command database and visual displays for configuring permissions.
  • Monitoring Management: Visualize monitoring metrics, connection information, audit logs, and distributed cluster management.
  • Data Dashboard: Create statistics, real-time charts, data computations, and subscribe to alerts, enabling effective data visualization.

Best Practices

Serving over 1000 backbone and industrial leading enterprises

Changan Automobile - Built a smart platform for querying massive amounts of connected vehicle data and remote diagnostics

Solution Breakthroughs:

  • Data structure ensuring high scalability, low cost, and high stability: Achieved seamless scaling without interrupting normal system operation, enabling rapid capacity expansion and reduction of management and operational costs.
  • Achieved tens of millions of writes per second: Enabled writing and processing of billions of tags from multiple devices, maintaining a stable high-speed writing rate regardless of the data volume.
  • Enabled efficient queries for connected vehicle scenarios: Supported efficient detailed and latest value queries.
  • Met real-time analysis needs: Improved batch reading speed for real-time analysis.

Business Effects:

  • Currently stores over 150 million time series and enables overall data insertion rate of tens of millions points per second.
  • With optimized data schema, a single machine replaced the functionality of 25 previous nodes and maintained high stability.
  • Achieved millisecond-level response-times for single vehicle time range queries (real-time queries) and latest point queries (latest vehicle status queries).
  • Efficiently continuously processed streams of data for 400–500 signals per vehicle within a three-month period, improving data query efficiency for the diagnostic system from minutes to seconds under the same hardware resource conditions.

MCC Cisdi Group - Built the core part of the Water and Soil Cloud Industrial IoT Platform for data development governance

Solution Breakthroughs:

  • End-to-end data management: Managed data collection, data writing, data storage, and performed characteristic data processing, data querying, data computation, and data analysis based on business requirements.
  • Addressed existing pain points in the data flow: Provided technical optimization solutions for cluster management, dual-active management, MPP scheduling, and operation instructions in the data flow.
  • Individualized for metallurgical scenarios: Industry-specific optimization of aggregation function libraries, equipment time alignment, scene triggers, custom rule downsampling, and real-time data tool platforms.
  • High compression ratio: Using various compression methods to significantly improve data compression ratio on historical data, enabling storage of more historical data under the same memory conditions.

Business Effects:

  • Increased number of written data points by 132%.
  • Reduced storage costs by 50%.
  • Accelerated query speed by 100%.
  • Data retention of more than 2 years.
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