The Apache Software Foundation Announced New Board of Directors for 2024

The Apache(®) Software Foundation (ASF) is a nonprofit corporation formed by all-volunteer developers and stewards, and supports more than 350 Open Source projects and initiatives.

The Board of Directors of the ASF is responsible for management and oversight of the business and affairs of the corporation, including management of the corporate assets, policies, appointment of corporate officers, formation of Project Management Committees (PMCs), and allocation of corporate resources for the benefit of Apache projects.

Every year, the ASF holds its annual general meeting, where new members are voted in and a new board is elected. At The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Annual Members’ Meeting held today, the following individuals were elected to the ASF Board of Directors:

  • Rich Bowen

  • Shane Curcuru

  • Christofer Dutz

  • Jeff Jirsa

  • Willem Jiang

  • Justin Mclean

  • Jean-Baptiste Onofre

  • Craig L. Russell

  • Sander Striker

Christofer Dutz, the PMC chair of Apache PLC4X, Solution Consulting Expert at Timecho, PMC member and committer of multiple open source projects, is beginning his third consecutive term of office and will serve the ASF for another year.

We congratulate Christofer on being recognized by ASF members and wish him a wonderful new journey in advancing ASF’s mission of providing software for the public good.

More About ASF

An overview of the ASF’s governance, along with the complete list of ASF Board of Directors, Executive Officers, and Project/Committee Vice Presidents, can be found at

For more information on the Foundation’s operations and structure, see