Apache IoTDB, New Leader in Time Series Databases

On September 19th, the professional database performance testing platform, benchANT, released its latest time-series database ranking. Apache IoTDB em


Professor Chandrasekaran Mohan and Professor Jianmin Wang Visited Timecho Beijing

Recently, two esteemed guests visited our office in Beijing: Professor Chandrasekaran Mohan and Professor Jianmin Wang. Both professors provided signi


Christofer Dutz, a Well-Known IT-OT Expert and Board Member of ASF, to Join Timecho!

Christofer Dutz's extensive background and experience in IT, OT, digitalization, and automation in production environments will significantly contribu


Timecho's Paper on Apache IoTDB Accepted at ACM SIGMOD 2023

Timecho, a leading provider of time series database management systems, has achieved a significant milestone with its latest paper titled "Apache IoTD


Timecho Raises Over US$10 Million First Fund for Time-Series Database Solutions

STUTTGART, Germany and BEIJING, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Timecho, founded by the creators of Apache IoTDB, an IoT-native time series database, ha


Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Announced the Graduation of Apache IoTDB as an Apache Top Project

On September 23, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. EDT, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced the graduation of Apache IoTDB as an Apache Top Project. Apac


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IT Meets OT: Déjà Vu in Automation

Today's automation landscape is experiencing revolutionary trends—revolutions, one might say, that the IT industry has long been familiar with but are still new to the field of automation.

Apache TsFile - Time Series Data Storage Redefined

Unlike other time series databases and file formats, TsFile stands out by addressing the unique requirements of time series data with unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. As the underlying storage format for Apache IoTDB, TsFile offers seamless integration and advanced capabilities for managing and analyzing time series data.

Exploring Timecho Data Management Solutions at the building IoT 2024 Conference

The building IoT 2024 conference, held on February 21st and 22nd in Munich, Germany, has welcomed prominent figures Christofer Dutz (Board Member at the Apache Software Foundation, Solution Expert at Timecho) and Dr. Julian Feinauer (CEO of pragmatic industries) to deliver a splendid presentation.